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Kenn Nesbitt online to chat with you? How?

Because My Hippo Has the Hiccups is set to come out April 1st, and because April is National Poetry Month, poet Kenn Nesbitt is trying something exciting to get everyone thinking about poetry. How about a deal to bookstores, librarians, schools, and anyone else that can get 10 kids together to learn about poetry using My Hippo Has the Hiccups?  

Kenn Nesbitt is offering a free 30-minute "online author visit"-meaning that kids can see, hear, and chat with Kenn right on their computers-to any group that buys 10 or more copies of Hippo. Just purchase the books through his website, and he’ll set up the visit at that time.


These free visits will be available on a first-come basis, during the weeks of April 6-10, April 20-24, May 11-15, June 1-5, and June 8-12. Programs will start at 9am PST, and run on-the-hour, and there will be no more than 2 participating classes in each online session. Kids will be allowed to ask Kenn questions through an online chat, which will be controlled by the moderator.My Hippo Has the Hiccups - by Kenn Nesbitt

Technical requirements are:
* A computer with a high-speed Internet connection
* Windows, Mac, or Linux
* A Flash-enabled browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari
* Speakers!
* Projector (optional)

For more information, or to sign up online, please go to Once your time-slot is scheduled and the book order has been confirmed, they will send you a link to the online meeting room, as well as a link where you can run a test to ensure that your software (Flash-enabled browser, etc.) is compatible. 

Teachers and librarians, now is a great time to get together to pool your orders. You know you have got to have this book anyway, so you might as well get the delicious opportunity to chat with your students.  Ooo, I wonder if Kenn will read poetry with that fabulous accent he uses on the audio CD accompanying My Hippo Has the Hiccups? I confess I have played several poems over and over just to listen and giggle along. I’m not immune to funny poems with wacky characters. My Hippo Has the Hiccups offers over 100 poems to entertain your students. It’s a must have for elementary classrooms and libraries.