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Beacon Street Girls Confessions of Secret Pleasures

I spend the majority of my time reading "guy" books, nonfiction, and mysteries/adventure novels. I don’t slobber over all those romance books right now due to my cynical nature even though sometimes I have been seen Worst Enemies/Best Friends - Book for Girlsreading romance novels with suspense in them. I just don’t spend most of my time reading girly books.

Along comes a series for girls that I enjoy reading as much as my students – the Beacon Street Girls. I read the first one with surprising enjoyment and immediately tried to read the second, but a group of girls nonchalantly asked, "What’re you reading?" When I showed them the cover, two squealed with happiness and mentioned that they’d read some of these at the public library in paperback, but they were never in. Then, <gasp> they took the book away from me and checked out every volume I had in the series. They haven’t remained on the shelf long enough yet for me to finish reading about Charlotte, Katani, Avery, and Maeve. Maybe I should go to their website to find out more at Promises, Promises - Part of the Beacon Street Girls Book Series
I ordered these because they came highly recommended by Donna Tabor, my Sebco Books rep. I’d never heard of Sebco books, but this year I was willing to try a variety of vendors who have their specialized bindings/rebindings so I could test how well their books held up to the intense use (or was that abuse) of middle schoolers. 

Donna took a look at the survey needs of my students and their requests, then she helped me match series with interests. Through Donna and Sebco I ordered new Choose Your Own Adventure books, Camp Confidential books, the Romantic Comedies series, Deltora Shadowlands, Flight 29 Down, the Tales of Young Americans series, and the Beacon Street Girls. 

When the money ran out, I had to set aside my wish lists for Shonen Jump, Yu Gi Oh Duelist, Cirque Du Freak, and Private in strong reinforced binding. If you are interested in ordering from Sebco, you might give Donna a call at 1-800-223-3251 or email her at Tell her Diane sent you and that I need some more Beacon Street Girls books. 


  1. Sabrina McClure says:

    Great Books all, but you’ve got to put Cirque Du Freak on the top of your shelf. My kids love them.

  2. When I arrived at this school, they had one book in paperback of the series. I’d love to own them all. I’ve read many at the public library myself. The problem lies in the fact that we had only $6 per student to buy books this year. That comes no where near enough to meet our needs.