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Extreme Cuisine Bug-a-licious

Extreme Cuisine Bug-a-licious by Meish Goldish. Bearport Publishing, 2009. 978-1-59716-757-4 Reading level: third grade with an interest level of grades 1- 6.

Every time I check out Beetles Lightly Toasted, How to Eat Fried Worms, etc. to students and teachers, we have these yummy conversations on unusual foods around the world. Now, I have a new nonfiction title to pair with these. 

After eating my delicious Easter turkey (the boys decided ham was more expensive and not as healthy), I sat down to read this book. I have got to work on my timing. Fortunately I’d purchased some antacids. 

Secretly I was having so much fun tormenting the boys and their buddies with grasshopper tacos and bug pizza, I forgot that this book is great for high-low readers. I had to call #2 son and let him know that he should beware wasp crackers if he ever does get to Japan. He reminded me that he was intending to eat something unusual in Afghanistan later this month. Then he reminded me that I have eaten a few delicacies in Taiwan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Denmark, and in Iowa. 

Seriously we enjoyed these 24-pages containing nine particularly yucky foods. As the author makes clear, "One eater’s "yuck!" is another eater’s "yum!" I would have appreciated some nutritional facts somewhere so I could drop in phrases like these this week: "Did you know one serving of termites contains 28% of your required daily protein?" I had to go online to the Bay Area Bug Eating Society to find this out. 

The complete Extreme Cuisine series contains:
Baby Bug Dishes
Mammal Menu
Shocking Seafood
Slithery, Slimy, Scaly Treats
Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats