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Cute little doggy books – Little Dogs Rock!

NO, we are not getting another dog – especially a puppy! If I keep saying this over and over, someone’s going to listen in my house. "Lucy dog isn’t ready for a new friend, we have 3 cats, and I’m traveling too much," I keep insisting. Fortunately none of the boys have friends with "little dogs" because Little Dogs Rock! They’re so cute and they can fit in tiny bags to go with you.

Bearport has a new series that I have noticed buzz about on the web, so I finally sat down to look at Little Dogs Rock! including Dachshund: the Hot Dogger and Chihuahua: Senor Tiny.

The Entire Series includes:
Beagle: A Howling Good Time
Chihuahua: Señor Tiny
Dachshund: The Hot Dogger
Jack Russell Terrier: Bundle of Energy
Pomeranian: Pom Pom Ado
Pug: What a Mug!
Toy Poodle: Oodles of Fun
Yorkshire Terrier: Tiny but Tough 

These 32-page titles are perfect for the second and third grader who wants a dog. I write that and yet I’m constantly having to pull these out of the hands of 7th grade girls who want a puppy in a purse. There were plenty of facts and history of the breeds to keep the interest of my middle schoolers and they don’t want me to give these to the nearby elementary school.

Bearport Publishing has been listening to my call for bookmarks. They put them on their website! Hooray for Bearport. They also have printable crossword puzzles or puzzles to play online, and links to other sites. 

Preview this bookBecause I believe passionately that dogs are members of your family that you can’t divorce, I want every school library to include books about being responsible pet owners so families make informed decisions instead of whimsically taking home the next cute little thing to catch their eye. 

You’ll want to pair Little Dogs Rock! with titles by the ASPCA with information on dachshunds, chihuahuas and more. Remember to bookmark the DogsInDepth: Online Dog Encyclopedia guide to choosing a breed. After Little Dogs Rock! reminded me how much these dogs bark, I started to re-evaluate just how cute they are.

Try integrating math by having students calculate a budget including all the start-up items (dishes, leashes, books, collars), weekly food, and yearly vet visits. How much does a dog cost? 

Also develop a time-frame of doggy care including sanitary needs, walks, play time, and training. Pet investments include your time and energy, not just your money. 

In the meantime, let your students have access to all of these titles to feed their doggy needs.


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