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Black Mambas and a new favorite for snake books

Black Mambas: Sudden Death by Nancy White is part of the series Fangs from Bearport Publishing. (2009 ISBN 9781597167666) This book has caused me to add 2  new favorite categories when I’m reviewing books:

Favorite Designer:  Dawn Beard Creative
Favorite Photo Researcher: Q2A Media: Poulomi Basu

If you haven’t started ordering Bearport titles for your elementary and middle school after all I’ve shared with you, there is something wrong with your eyes! This particular title is short enough (24 pages) for your elementary students to tackle, but my middle schoolers picked it up to pour over the illustrations. 

The people choosing the photos and the people designing the layout of this series are doing an amazing job. I particularly love the font used for the titles and how the asymetric layout of photos forces the reader to keep turning those pages. 

As for the content, the facts are clearly and descriptively written. Sentence length is not too long. There are plenty of facts for note-taking and sharing. I appreciated the map showing where in Africa Black Mambas live. I have always wanted to visit Africa (anyone offering me a free trip), but now I think I’d prefer to visit the locations where Black Mambas DON’T live. <shudder> I think I’ll go show my best friend Virginia the picture of the inside of a black mamba’s mouth. Virginia has a fear of snakes though and she might just hurt me. This is one intense photo of the world’s fastest snake whose bite is 100% deadly. <double shudder> 

You are going to have to get this series, especially for your elementary students.