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Michael Phelps: Anything is Possible

Michael Phelps: Anything is Possible (Defining Moments Super Athletes) by Meish Goldish. Bearport Publishing, 2009. ISBN: 9781597168557

Simple 32-page biography of the achievements of Michael Phelps. This seems most appropriate for elementary school readers with the shortened sentences and simple vocabulary. I appreciated the ending material: Just the facts and a Timeline. Did you know that Michael eats up to 10,000 calories a day when training? 

What’s not in this book? There’s nothing about any trouble with the law. That’s okay for elementary school focusing on the sports achievements, but my middle-schoolers are going to want to refer to his more recent trials to overcome and what defines an athlete off the field and beyond the winning moment. 

If you go on the internet and start looking for Michael Phelps photographs, you are going to see a huge number of photos of him exalting in his wins (and understandably so). There are no pictures of Michael screaming in this title which is a relief to me. I needed the diversity of this title.

Once again I have to shout out to the ceative director: Spencer Brinkler and photo researcher: Omni-Photo Communications, Inc. I particularly like the photo on page 21 of just the upper half of his face taken by Rob Griffith. The photos in this biography focus on Michael striving for victory.
This is a fine addition to elementary sports collections. Also in the series is LeBron James: I Love Challenges.