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Most popular new graphic novels? Lerner’s Graphic Myths and Legends

Atlanta: The Race Against Destiny by Justine & Ron Fontes with pencils & inks by Thomas Yeates. Lerner Publishing.  © 2007. ISBN 0-8225-5965-X

Psyche & Eros: The Lady and the Monster by Marie P. Croall with pencils & inks by Ron Randall.Lerner Publishing ©2009 ISBN 978-0-8225-7177-3

I believe I will never get these books catalogued because the 6th graders keep sweet-talking them out of my hands to "preview". Who knew how popular Greek Myths could be in graphic format? Well, I guess Lerner knew. You’d better order these while you can. When students are so obsessed that they’ll go online to see how many Lerner created and then come back and demand them, you know you’ve got a hit on your hands. 

When these first came in, I offered one to a sweetie-pie student who comes early to school daily and checks the lost & found for lost library books. In class two other boys read over his shoulder and escaped from their substitute teacher’s hands to rush in and ask to read some. Then at lunch time all 3 plus 3 more students came in to exchange and read more. Finally the assistant principal got wise by the 5th period and told them they couldn’t skip class any more to come to the library. My compromise was to send the entire series to one of their teachers so they could read and re-read them in his class.

Still, that wasn’t good enough because they decided the teacher wasn’t sharing them. The teacher admits that he did lock them up (the books, not the kids) after 4 periods of trying to teach while they were ignoring him and reading these books. So I took them back and attempted to catalogue them. Unfortunately they are so new, I had to send off a plea for our district cataloguer to add them to the system. Meanwhile, the students saw them on the shelf and wheedled them back out of my hands. I cannot wait to get them out from behind my desk! Also, while I received the Greek myths first, I saw that many other cultures are represented like Arabian, Japanese, Mayan, English, Chinese, Egyptian, East African, Aztec, West Africa, Norse, and Swiss.

While I prefer the hardcover 1000% due to the constant use, I did see paperbacks listed available only from the publisher’s website. I’m thinking gift books here.  Check out the next blog post to see a student review.