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Cute little doggy books – Little Dogs Rock!

NO, we are not getting another dog – especially a puppy! If I keep saying this over and over, someone’s going to listen in my house. "Lucy dog isn’t ready for a new friend, we have 3 cats, and I’m traveling too much," I keep insisting. Fortunately none of the boys have friends with "little dogs" […]

Extreme Cuisine Bug-a-licious

Extreme Cuisine Bug-a-licious by Meish Goldish. Bearport Publishing, 2009. 978-1-59716-757-4 Reading level: third grade with an interest level of grades 1- 6. Every time I check out Beetles Lightly Toasted, How to Eat Fried Worms, etc. to students and teachers, we have these yummy conversations on unusual foods around the world. Now, I have a new […]

Follow that Food Chain from Lerner

Rebecca Hogue Wojahn and Donald Wojahn have teamed to create the series Follow that Food Chain for Lerner Publishing Group. I reviewed the titles set in the rainforest in South America, the desert in North America, and the savanna in Africa, but they also have titles in a temperate forest in North America, a tundra […]

Today’s Amazon controversy & is it censorship?

Mark R. Probst, author of The Filly, has shared information about Amazon’s new policy of stripping sales rankings from "some" books they consider adult. This includes erotica, but also many GLBT titles – even if they are intended for the young adult audience and are clearly not adult books. Does simply including GLBT characters make a […]

Sports Books from Gareth Stevens

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Since I have data to support the need for more sports books, I continue to put new titles in students’ hands and request that they "help me" review possible books for our library. This week we looked at The Ultimate 10 Sports series from Gareth Stevens. […]

Sleeping Bear Press’ Tales of Young Americans Series

When I moved from an elementary to a middle school, I was shocked to discover I have less than two shelves of picture books available in the collection. Most of the teachers didn’t understand why I was so upset. You and I know that a good picture book can introduce a subject to reluctant readers, […]

The Shepherd’s Granddaughter by Anne Laurel Carter

There are few absolutes in this world. Remember when you were young and it seemed so easy to know what was wrong and what was right – what was black and what was white? The gray areas of life just keep getting bigger and those extremes keep shrinking. Every student who has read The Shepherd’s […]

We Shall Remain – And You Don’t Want to Miss This

I know where you want to be Monday night, April 13th … Viewing PBS and the American Experience documentary We Shall Remain. During Loriene Roy’s ALA presidency, we were treated to a taste of the new five-part television series We Shall Remain. WOW! You will not want to miss this.  According to the web site, […]

Are you CONNECTed with ALA?

I’m so excited to be officially using ALAConnect. I needed one place to manage all of my committees, friends, and professional work. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to and sign in. For those of us who love our facebook and social networking, this platform is enabling us to participate like never before […]

Tools – I love my monkey with a tool belt

I fell in love with the book Monkey with a Tool Belt last year. I read it again while reviewing Chris Monroe’s new book Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem (Carolrhoda, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-8225-9247-1) and I’m STILL in love with that monkey. Oh, to have a handy-monkey around the house.  While the […]