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48 Hour Book Challenge Date Set – Mark those calendars

48 Hour Book ChallengeMotherReader has set the date for the 48 hour book challenge! Mark your calendars for June 5-7, 2009, and let everyone know you’ll be busy for 48 hours during that time. The rules are posted on her site. Basically you decide to read for 48 hours consecutively and write something about what you read; although we understand that some of you like to take breaks during that time for trivial things like baths, meals, sleep, and family events.
It seems most people read about 20 of those 48 hours. Last year I came in second with 30 hours reading 10 books with a 4322 page total. It was intense. It was satisfying. It was focused and it was fun. 

I’m not going for any records this year, but I may just have to start accumulating titles for grades 5 and up. I think I’ll set a goal for more pages this year. If I focus, I can do it. What will you do that weekend?