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Creating a summer reading list? Where are the nonfiction titles?

Okay, people! Don’t make me have to edit all your summer reading lists. I’ve begun to see lists under development and most of them <gasp> have forgotten to include any fascinating nonfiction titles. We have series nonfiction, stand-alone nonfiction, biographies, how-to manuals, so many fascinating titles out there. 

I hear you librarians. You didn’t MEAN to neglect the large percentage of our population that prefer nonfiction to fiction. You had a momentary lapse and are off to add to your lists. 

Thank you. That’s all I ask. Include us nonfiction readers. Need ideas? Ask in the comments section and I might even provide some links for you, but you’re going to have to ask.


  1. Marjorie says:

    Thank you! I work with third and fourth graders and non fiction happens to be 70 percent of my school library circulation. I think that many reluctant fiction readers are afraid to pick their own book, because of all that is involved. At least, with nonfiction they can find a topic they can already relate to, which is more appealing to them – and keeps them reading!