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You are being timed…

Yes, readers, I know that many of you spend less than one minute reading each blog post. Do you know how long it takes me to write these wacky, humorous, didactic, and irritating posts?! Couldn’t you spend at least one minute? Try taking just a few seconds longer and actually reading to the bottom of the previous post on the new book I like Let’s Do Nothing

Then try to post a comment here about whether you think the book is referring to a Taoist concept, a Buddhist principle, or neither and it just doesn’t matter. I’d like to test the comment feature since they are trying to improve it. And maybe, I’d just like to know that what we write on these blogs matters and is read by real people – not just speed-reading machines.

If you are still reading and my one-minute isn’t up, tell me, how long do you spend reading blog posts every day. Do you glance at the typical post in under 30 seconds? Is 58 seconds a long time for you? Should I just break everything into teeny-tiny posts? Oops, looks like my time is up.


  1. I liked your Let’s Do Nothing post. It reminds me of a line in The House at Pooh Corner in the last chapter. This is from memory, but Christopher Robin tells Pooh that he can’t do nothing any more. They don’t let you.

  2. Annette says:

    Well, I am intrigued! I am going to purchase the book for my elementary library…thanks!

  3. “Does it have to be Zen or Buddhist?”

    (Mostly just for the sake of commenting for thought-provoking purposes, not for argumentative purposes)

    The kid is right, it is hard to do nothing at all….

  4. Gabe Kaufman says:

    Based on my limited knowledge of the two, it sounds like the book is exploring a Taoist concept. Doing something by doing nothing seems to fit with the concept of wu wei. But I guess I need to read the book to know for sure!

    As for how I read blog posts, I personally spend only a couple minutes reading a post, as I’m usually at work and pressed for time. However, when a post is of high-interest to me I make sure to read the whole entry–no matter what the length.