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Raves and Libraries

ALA’s American Libraries had an article Academic Libraries Become All the Rave on May 1, 2009. I had seen the footage on YouTube the weekend the students flash-mobbed the UT Chattanooga Library and had the typical 40+year-old’s response: <snort?, "how stupid!" 

I’ve heard of students using blogs, Facebook, text messaging, and Twitter to coordinate “impromptu” flash raves but I just don’t get it. I don’t see the purpose in raving when they could use their powers to accomplish something good. For example, let’s say there was a social injustice which had occurred and needed some attention drawn to it. That would be a good excuse to bring everyone you know together to protest. 

Or let’s say that you discover a cause where you can help like a neighborhood preschool which has parents desperately in need of food. You could flash rave and bring a can of peanut butter. Or maybe an animal shelter that needed volunteers to stay open and donations of food. 

There are so many areas where you bringing people together with enthusiasm could help. Why waste our powers on straight silliness? Sure you let off steam, but a far more efficient use of gathering would be if everyone there had chanted "Love your library!" 

Maybe someone will organize a rave during ALA in Chicago. I’d love to see thousands of people chanting messages of support for libraries around the Buckingham fountain in Grant Park. But then again, since they’d trace the idea back here, let’s just forget I even typed it. Instead, let’s go organize something useful and helpful to society.  Use your powers for good you twittering, facebooking, texting activists.