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Anticipating doing nothing?

School’s out! I witnessed a bizarre event Thursday after escorting students by class to the bus (to prevent a rumored water balloon fight). The teachers stood at the curb, jumping up and down, waving vigorously and cheering as the horn-blowing buses loaded with waving children roared by. I have never witnessed such enthusiasm from my staff! 

When I asked them what they plan to do all summer, most said, "NOTHING! Absolutely nothing and I’m going to love it." HAH! I blogged about Let’s Do Nothing May 11th and today received a very fun animated video clip for the book that I hope you’ll enjoy. Since we couldn’t see the clip, we are trying this in YouTube.

Since it’s in a flv format, I’m not sure if it will work 1st or 2nd try so here’s the link in the meanwhile: 


  1. C. sagasi says:

    I enjoyed your post, as i will be doing absolutely NOTHING myself!