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Intellectual Freedom article in the Tennessean today you should comment upon

Claudia Pinto of the Tennessean called several times this week for background information on Intellectual Freedom and book challenges. She had a copy of ALA’s 2009 list of the most challenged books and was writing an article. I was happy to answer her questions, send her links to this blog and connect her with one of my favorite supporters of intellectual freedom – one of my teachers Susan Norwood. Please go check out the article here Be sure to click the link to the list of books and to the side is a picture link leading to a slide show of the Most Challenged books.

I think the article is very well-written but I am totally biased here. Readers of the Tennessean frequently comment and I have been worried that some of the more aggressive commenters would provoke a battle. So far, it seems intellectual freedom is winning.

As you know, I believe in openness and the Freedom of Information, so I think it’s good the list of books that are restricted in my district has come to light for all to see. Do I agree with the list? What?! Are you kidding me? Why on earth would I ban or restrict Judy Blume? I do think it is vital that others see this list. Perhaps we should go back and "reconsider" these materials to put them back IN the collections and remove restrictions.