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The Sisters Club: Rule of Three by Megan McDonald

I have no sisters! Even worse… I have no daughters! How could I be so afflicted with brothers and sons? I was never able to experience sisterly rivalry, sharing of clothes, girls secrets, fighting over boys, all that stuff that I The Sisters Club: Rule of Threedream about but am not really sure exists. Maybe that’s one reason I love having roommates at conferences.

Fortunately  books like The Sisters Club: Rule of Three by Megan McDonald help me live a pretend sister-life. It’s due out August 11, 2009, so I won’t give you all the spoilers. 

I will tell you that middle school readers will seek this out – particularly if they are Judy Moody fans who aren’t ready to let go of fun reading with varying styles of text and storytelling. You’ll have to wait until closer to publication time for the review, I just needed to complain about being so sister-less. If you just can’t stand waiting to chat about this book, go look at the review and comments on The Picnic Basket.


  1. Kristin says:

    The first SISTERS CLUB book is a hit even at elementary! I think girls can read it at varying points — they just identify with different characters depending on their age. Thanks for the tip — this will go on our back-to-school order!