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ALA Event – Nonfiction Book Blast!

On Sunday, July 12, a panel of 17 nonfiction authors and a moderator will appear at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago. "Nonfiction Book Blast! Booktalks Your Reluctant Readers Can’t Resist" presents booktalks librarians can use to interest young readers in SM%287%29 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!nonfiction. The panel appears from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Convention Center Room W181 (Level 1 of the West Building). Participating authors and their books include:

    * Lisa Rondinelli Albert, Stephenie Meyer: Author of the Twilight Saga (Enslow, 2009), So You Want to Be leakeybooks ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!a Film or TV Actor (Enslow, 2008)

*Mary Bowman-Kruhm, The Leakeys: A Biography (Prometheus Books, 2009)

Arctic 187 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!

* Laura Crawford, In Arctic Waters (Sylvan Dell Publishing), The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving From A to Z (Pelican Publishing), Postcards From Chicago (Raven Tree Press)1575053306.01.LZZZZZZZ ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!

 * Jeri Chase Ferris, With Open Hands: The Story of Biddy Mason (Lerner), Arctic Explorer: Matthew Henson (Lerner)
DinosaurParadeBIGGER.111154640 std ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!
    * Kelly Milner Halls, Dinosaur Parade (Lark/Sterling Publishers, 2008), Saving the Baghdad Zoo (HarperCollins/Greenwillow, 2009),  Tales of the Cryptids (Darby Creek Publishing, 2006)
kidsource web ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!
    * Amy S. Hansen, Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter (Boyds Mills Press, 2010), Touch the Earth (NASA and NFB, 2009) 

  ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!   * Gwendolyn Hooks, Makers and Takers (Rourke Publishing, 2008)

    * Katherine L. House, Lighthouses for Kids: History, Science, and Lore with 21 Activities (Chicago Review 51Yk2g5ZxBL. BO2,204,203,200 PIsitb sticker arrow click,TopRight,35, 76 AA240 SH20 OU01  ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!Press, 2008)

    * Patricia K. Kummer, The Great Barrier Reef (Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2009), The Great Lakes (Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2009), North Korea, and South Korea (Scholastic/Children’s Press, 2008)

 511H7Z1QGVL. SL500 AA240  ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!   * Suzanne Lieurance, The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and Sweatshop Reform in American History (Enslow)
joannmacken 330 Fff cover art s ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!
    * JoAnn Early Macken, Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move (Holiday House, 2008)

9780374382049 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!    * Carla Killough McClafferty, In Defiance of Hitler: The Secret Mission of Varian Fry (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008)

    * Wendie Old, The Halloween Book of Facts and Fun (Albert Whitman), 662H ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast! The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun (Albert Whitman)

9780805071030 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!    * April Pulley Sayre, Honk, Honk, Goose: Canada Geese Start a Family (Henry Holt, 2009)

    * Anastasia Suen, Wired (Charlesbridge, 2007), The U.S. Supreme Court (Picture Window Books)9781404847071 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!

main ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!    * Christine Taylor-Butler, Sacred Mountain: Everest (Lee and Low Books, 2009)

    * Rebecca Hogue Wojahn and Donald Wojahn, Follow That Food Chain (Lerner, 2009) cv 0822575019 ALA Event   Nonfiction Book Blast!(Hey, I blogged about this one!)

Library Media Specialist Sharon Mitchell will be the panel moderator. We hope to see you there!

The authors have also collaborated to produce a wiki (Nonfiction Book Blast: that includes all the booktalks, searchable by title, author, subject, and intended age level. The front page includes links to the authors’ web sites. After the conference, other authors, librarians, and interested readers can add booktalks of their own. Check it out!

JoAnn Early Macken will be autographing Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move at the Holiday House Booth, #2138 in the West Building, from 1:00-1:30 p.m.