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Videos – neoK12

I confess. I hate to watch videos. I don’t want to screen them for teachers. I cannot sit and watch only one thing at a time. Argh! Torture. I appreciate United Streaming and Safari but they do cost money. YouTube is blocked at most schools. TeacherTube is an option, but you still have to click […]

Great Smoky Mountains by Mike Graf and a title for Naturalist learners

As I mentioned in my last blog post on Naturalist Learning Styles, one of my top picks for elementary naturalists is Mike Graf’s series Adventures with the Parkers which is available from Fulcrum Publishing. You seriously need every one of this series in your library, no matter which national park you are near. Living in Tennessee, I […]

Naturalist Learning Styles

Naturalist – Individuals with this learning preference learn best when collecting or analyzing things close to nature. I recently attended a workshop on Differentiated Instruction which included a great deal of information on Learning Styles. I watched as the educators took various learning styles exams, but none of them included the questions involving Naturalists. I […]

RANT: Put your name and face on your library website

Dear Librarian,  I visited your school library website today to find your name but it wasn’t there. Your school website had a link to your library buried in a drop down menu, but your name wasn’t anywhere on the library page. I tried looking under the faculty list and you weren’t listed. Okay, I admit, […]

Empowering Learners – Dr. Judy Bivens teaches 21st century learning standards

Monday, June 8, 2009 at Trevecca Nazarene University Dr. Judy Bivens led a group of 35 middle school library information specialists in a workshop on the AASL 21st century learning standards. I needed to take notes and had a computer handy so here are my notes. It shows how I’m listening and linking while I learn. […]

What are you reading?

Ack! Marc Aronson don’t read this. Today in my workshop the presentor asked everyone to share what they were reading while introducting themselves. Everyone admitted they were reading fiction. I believe I was the only one to ‘fess up to reading lots of nonfiction. I’m working my way through Norwood House’s collection of sports books […]

MagicKeepers: The Eternal Hourglass Book One by Erica Kirov

Best cover of the year so far: MagicKeepers: The Eternal Hourglass Book One by Erica Kirov. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. 2009. ISBN: 9781402215018 $14.99  The design of this book makes it a book lover’s delight. I wish you could see and touch the entire cover of this book designed by Eric Fortune. The back is very different from the front but […]

Are you beginning the challenge? 48 hours of reading?

Good thing my cell phone reminds me what I’m supposed to be doing. This weekend is the 48-Hour Book Challenge where you read and blog a bit about books – all within a 48 hour period. I need to go get my stack of books together and set a starting time. How about you?  I blogged […]

Attending conferences? YES!

I know budgets are tight. If you could see my finances, you’d wonder how my family is eating every month! But I won’t sacrifice the professional conferences this year and I hope you won’t either. You see, when times get  tough, we need to gather together even more closely and work together to advocate for our programs. […]

Are you PLAYing?

If not, you should be. I’m learning so much from the Gaming discussion on ALA Connect by Scott Nicholson. Thanks to everyone there I found this video by Stuart Brown on the importance of play.  Since I worry my brain will deteriorate if I don’t keep it occupied, I’m going to have to leave you […]