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What am I seeking? Science materials

You maintain a healthy WISHLIST folder, don’t you? Experienced librarians will tell you that you must constantly be seeking requests from your colleagues, students, and administrators so you have immediately on-hand a list of items to purchase. 

Every principal and administrator I have worked with receives last-minute notice of funds to spend. If you develop a good relationship and are the go-to-person, you can help them spend those funds on projects that are truly needs of your school.

Here is what I am focusing on right now and what I will be looking for during ALA annual conference exhibit hall:

My science teachers requested from the administrators "up to date /current periodic tables, cell models, electronic scales, and plant models". Their entire curriculum has changed with some areas being dropped to two grade levels earlier (meaning 6th graders will study what 8th graders did in the past). Teachers need rocks and minerals materials at 7th grade and ways to make it exciting to students. 

While I may not have the funds to support their labs with equipment, I will be seeking books, websites, and media materials to support them. Let me know if you have great ideas and we’ll share. 

Students say that making science real helps them learn. How do you support the science department?


  1. teacherninja says:

    eMints and their grade level eThemes are a good place to start.

  2. I am also wondering about field guides. You know those books that we love and hate because they fall apart? Couldn’t we make these more affordable so students could own their own copies to explore the world?