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The Miles Between

Mary E. Pearson’s book The Miles Between shocked me. How could I know that this book would wrap itself The Miles Betweenaround me to savor and cherish? I wasn’t prepared. I was caught off guard. I was sideswiped. How could anyone predict its impact?

And yet, this is a book that embraces predictability. Destiny Faraday, the main character, narrates this story of one day in her life when everything improbable, yet everything totally wonderful, happens to three friends and her.

Readers, suspend all incredulity and simply enjoy the miles of this story. This is a book that pooh-poohs everyone who has every said, “That’s predictable” or “I saw that coming.”

Emotions are the focus of this title as we witness four acquaintances become friends. We experience through the first person narrative the sorrows, glees, uncertainties, and the SATISFACTION that occurs on this The Day That Never Ended. Readers, just as our own perspective of life can be flawed, we realize that our narrator has misled us as she misled herself, but we understand delusions as the band-aids to reality that they are.

Middle schools, high schools, and public libraries should definitely purchase this title. It will fill the emotional need of all teenagers who simply want life to be fair for one day. A definite award-winner for student chosen state reading lists.

I cannot resist sharing passages of The Miles Between with you.

“All I want is one day where the good guys win. One day where the world makes sense. Just one day, where the world is fair. Where it all adds up to what it should be. Just one single fair day. Is that too much to ask? That’s what I want.”

When asked why and “How would one fair day make a difference to you?” we read:

“One day. Maybe I would feel less like a pawn in a game. Or maybe it would make me feel that the inequity of the world comes full circle eventually and it all evens out. Maybe it would make me believe again, in what, I’m not sure. Some sense of order. Meaning. Purpose. Maybe it would give me courage to make it through the other days that aren’t so fair. Or maybe it would just make me feel like someone is listening. Or…maybe it would just plain feel good. All the way through every inch of me, it might feel wonderfully and deliciously good. For one day. Is there anything wrong with that?”

No, Destiny Faraday and readers, there is nothing wrong with that. The Miles Between gives you one book of utter fairness that will enable you to experience meaning, purpose, and gain your courage to make it through the other days that aren’t so fair. 

Read the author’s blog with reviews. Sorry, you are having to wait til September to put it on your shelves, but I bet you can find the author or an ARC at ALA Saturday. See you there.