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ALA2009 Emerging Leaders

Mysteriously the heavens aligned so I had some free time Friday afternoon. After running into the ALA Bookstore to see Betsy Bird’s book (and then gushingly telling her this in the hallway), I slipped into the Emerging Leaders Poster Session to see what this talented group has done. 
CIMG0052 by you.
CIMG0051 by you.I took LOTS of photos (see Flickr stream) of their posters because they were dutifully accepting their certificates and applause while I dashed around snapping photos. Then as they were let loose to staff their booths and explain their projects, I asked them TONS of questions about their projects, their learning & leadership experiences during the process, and their plans for the future. I may have insisted that a few dozen of them immediately go to ALA Connect and begin using this tool. 

Then I leaped in front of one of the mentors and strongly suggested (okay, loudly & stridently demanded) that these projects be sent out to more people for viewing and linked better on the ALA web pages. Then I grabbed ALA’s Executive Director and asked for more follow-up and a simplified description of every project for the Executive Board. Once I’d caused enough madness and mayhem, I hopped onto the Shuttle Busses for a round of reception, AASL Affiliate Assembly, and more receptions.