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ALA Exhibit Hall roaming

Many attendees at this conference were sporting "exhibit only" badges. I understand the financial necessity behind this and I LOVE the exhibits, but I hope everyone will come for the entire conference next year to participate in speeches, committees and more. Fully registered conference attendees have free access to the Virtual conference, also. 

In case you didn’t see what I saw, here are the notes that I took with my camera in the exhibit hall. 

Janway has the coolest pen. It transforms from the small thing at the top to the pen at the bottom. They showed me how I could display the transforming pen to its best. Since I will operate a school fun supply store in the library, I need a display like this to showcase the pens. Do you have a store in your library?
Upstart has this very clever product that we can order. I can see me taking lots of photos of students with their heads in this.
This display made me want to whip out all my cash and buy gifts for the teachers & staff at my school. Maybe I should use this picture on my own wishlist for Secret Gift-Giving occasions. Did you buy your mug and your paper?
Had to check out Upstart’s book display to see if they had all of Toni Buzzeo’s books. Check.
Author Jeff Marginean was signing his dog book – My Buddy Butch. His badge said Jemar Entertainment, Inc. so I had to do a little searching to learn more. My copy is in a box being shipped to me. Have you read this yet?
The Hale booth offered liquid refreshments so people would stop and chat about their quality products. Since I’m doing Weight Watchers, the nice man suggested I skip the calories in his fine lager and stay with the water. I don’t drink beer anyway, so I appreciated the water.
Author Sue VanWassenhove signs her book The Seldom-Ever-Shady Glades on quilts, ecology and the glades. She agreed that this would be a perfect accompaniment to our middle school fiction novels like Hoot.
Sometimes when I’m walking around I see books I want but am afraid I’ll forget which vendor they are with. So I snap a picture of the name (or here the symbol) of the vendor. Smart, huh? Another librarian told me to do this years ago and it still works.
Anthony Horowitz books – YUM! Oh, look, the new Ranger’s Apprentice? They were lucky I didn’t snatch this one. It turns out librarians sometimes do steal the display books. Shame! If I can wait, you can wait.
Getting hungry in the exhibit hall and along comes a book called Donut Days. Fortunately there are lots of little sweets throughout the exhibits to lure us on.
Have you read all of these? Richard Peck’s newest book A Season of Gifts is coming soon. CANNOT WAIT!
I complained to publishers that we need more math biographies and Enslow responds "Like these?" 

We had a great discussion on the difficulties in conveying a mathematician’s significant contribution when the concept is so difficult to understand. Why do math teachers ask that question of biographies? Can’t we just enjoy the biography?

 My Science teachers are always looking for new scientists’ biographies. I’m hoping these meet their needs because this looks great. Ecology is a big focus right now.
I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so you’ll have to see two shots. Here’s the one taken with the publishers’ fancy camera.
Here’s the one taken with my itty-bitty Casio camera. I guess it doesn’t matter which camera as long as you can see I’m holding the Kiss biography I blogged about and the new AC/DC title I couldn’t wait to review. Guess what package arrived by the time I got home Thursday night? Yes, Enslow shipped the AC/DC and the Led Zeppelin titles to me. Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy! My cool factor is sky high with my 17 year old sons and their friends. I even caught them with the book in the garage reading while others were playing the guitar.
I am always thrilled when a book I have mentioned in my blog is featured in an exhibit. Here is The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd.
Look here.. Paris Pan Takes the Dare and When the Whistle Blows.. two of my favorite books this year on display!
Neil Schuman Publishers has some interesting professional titles. Here’s Critical Approaches to Young Adult Literature.
Must have this title. I looked through it and reluctantly put it down. It was gone by the time I got back on Tuesday so I lost out on the 50% discount. They offered to send it to me at the show discount, but I was too sad at having to work in council instead of snatch up all the good last minute deals.
Reading Rants looks good. My district is doing a book study of the Jean Donham title Enhancing Teaching and Learning.
The Teen Reader’s Advisor. Hmmm. I always need help choosing titles. And I can’t pass up The Official YALSA awards guidebook even though I wonder why ALA isn’t the publisher of this title instead.


  1. Cynthea Liu says:

    Aw! Thanks for the props, Diane! And I got to eat a donut provided by the lovely Lara Zielin! She is a class act. I’m sure the book will be as scrumptious as the donuts that go with it!