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Practically Paradise
Inside Practically Paradise

Beautiful People & Beautiful Places at ALA

Stop and Smell the Roses! At least admire the scenery once in a while.  If you were president of ALA, you might be able to host receptions in beautiful suites with scenic views. Don’t worry, your hard-earned dues don’t pay for these extras, they are hotel freebies and negotiated benefits for the volume of trade we bring. Pity anyone who thought they could be in leadership and sleep in a simple room. So many groups held meetings there that privacy was impossible. Poor president.  But look at the view from the balcony.
It’s even more beautiful at night. 

I took a moment to sit in the lobby of the hotel listening to the piano music while I logged on to my computer to keep up with my facebook friends. Good thing I looked at the ceiling, too.

Don’t forget all the beautiful people…

While we were living this glamorous life of pretend,  we posed shamelessly in the suite.

Thanks for indulging my moment of levity. I love my itty-bitty camera. Oh, yes, one of the most beautiful shots of conference was this one below when maintenance came to hook up extra electrical outlets for everyone in the middle seating of council to have power for their laptops. Now that’s a beautiful sight.