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Box #3 to give – Picture books and ABDO series

I’m including a variety of my favorite picture books that you may or may not have seen this past year. Also, in this box are some easier nonfiction titles from ABDO.

In a Blue Room In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck and illustrated by Tricia Tusa. Harcourt, Inc. 2008 I expected this title to win far more awards last year. Hope you caught AFuse#8‘s review. Ted Edinger, the Blog Artist for Practically Paradise, reviewed this, too.
Wild Boars Cook Meg Rosoff, author of Meet  Wild Boars, returns with Wild Boars Cook.  I love that you can download the Reader’s Theatre script from the Macmillan / Henry Holt site. These disgusting wild boars are back! Looking for a read-aloud where your students are listening for adjectives? Try Wild Boars Cook.
Cover for Little Quack Little Quack by Lauren Thompson with pictures by Derek Anderson is now available as a reinforced library bound book from Spotlight / ABDO. As the SLJ review said: “Whether counting up or counting down, this early introduction to math provides a painless lesson, and the “quack-u-lator” across the bottom of the pages that “adds” ducklings to the pond makes it even more fun.”
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman remains one of my favorite rhyming read-alouds. I’m happy to have a super sturdy copy of this title to pack. It is a Reinforced library bound edition published in 2009 by Spotlight / ABDO. How many copies did you have to buy when your bookfair copy fell apart? You NEED this title. ISBN 978-1-59961-487-8
Mrs. Claus Explains It All Mrs. Claus Explains It All by Elsbeth Claus & illustrated by David Wenzel is from Sourcebooks, 2008. Need a holiday title that answers questions that are received yearly at the North Pole? You’ll want to hear it straight from Mrs. Claus.
Doctor Meow's Big Emergency Doctor Meow’s Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd was originally published in England and brought to America by Macmilla / Henry Holt in 2008. I enjoyed finding subtle differences in culture in the illustrations. If you look closely, you’ll see the steering wheel is on the right side  in one picture. Still, for tiny tots, this tale of Kiss-It-Better Hospital is a syrupy sweet story of everyone getting along.
Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin is such a favorite of mine that I asked  Macmillan / Henry Holtin my blog review last summer to please make a printable poster of the title. THEY DID! and you can download it from their site.
Willow by Denise Brennan-Nelson and Rosemarie Brennan with illustrations by Cyd Moore. I reviewed this title in my blog post Willow and the Dreaded Art Teacher. Since the name of my hometown school when I was growing up was WILLOW, this is appropriate. It may be called River Valley now, but my father and I both graduated from Willow High School.
The Yellow House Mystery: Boxcar Children Graphic Novels by Rob M. Worley and Mike Dubisch. From the classic Gertrude Chandler Warner series, ABDO released this set of graphic novels in cooperation with Albert Whitman. I’m sending Book #3
Dump Trucks by Amanda Doering Tourville: Book Cover Dump Trucks (from the Mighty Machines series pictured at left) by Amanda Doering Tourville & Zachary Trover. I’d read Dump Trucks to preschoolers right before playing with my trucks in the sand. Didn’t you play with trucks and cars growing up? I loved the construction vehicles.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
(Holidays – Count and Celebrate!
) series by Fredrick L. McKissack and Lisa Beringer McKissack
(Holidays – Count and Celebrate!
) series by Fredrick L. McKissack and Lisa Beringer McKissack
 Science Hospital: That’s Gross! A Look at Science by Julie Murray. I’ve read many titles by Julie Murray over the years. I love the hospital use of leeches and maggots in this book!
Alcatraz to Zanzibar: Famous Places From A to Z by Colleen Dolphin. ABDO SuperSandCastle. I like the list of other interesting places to study around the world. Great list for geography research. This book may inspire wanderlust at an early age.
  Cool Biological Clues: What Hair, Bones, and Bugs Tell Us by Esther Beck is a title in the Checkerboard How-To Library COOL CSI series.  I’d like to read the entire series, especially while I’m watching NCIS and CSI. Yes, readers, I have been known to act like Abby complete with ponytails and black lipstick after watching an NCIS marathon.
Good Manners in Public by Katie Marsico: Book Cover Good Manners in Public by Katie Marsico.
Intended for young learners, I probably would make this a second-priority purchase after Capstone’s Manners in Public.
Cows Moo! by Pam Scheunemann is part of their SandCastle Animal Sounds set. These smaller sized books include factual information in rhyming format. Each page has a large font sentence written for transitional readers and a more difficult to read inset of information that includes words like ruminant, compartment, communicate, and manure. I appreciate the information in the back on how people make cow sounds around the world.
Crime-fighting Animals( Series - Going To Work: Animal Edition ), Julie Murray, 160453561X Crime-Fighting Animals (Going to Work Animal Edition) by Julie Murray. Did you know that dalmatians were known as carriage dogs because they helped clear the path for horse-drawn fire carts?

<sigh> Another Sunday, another day spent packing a box of books, re-reading each one and hoping they find a reader to love them.