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Optimism and Realism

Beginning of schools are so fun because we are invincible. We know we can do anything. We can do everything. We can say "no" to unrealistic requests. We can stay focused on our primary roles. We can get everything done because we are professional, organized, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our students. We will stay healthy and be balanced.

Then comes reality. We get assigned extra duties, extra tasks. We lose track of ourselves helping others. We want to please everyone at the beginning of the year. Every cart or piece of equipment we deliver is so eagerly received. Every book we match with the curriculum is grasped excitedly. How do we balance it? What’s that two-letter word again?

I’m wondering what types of extra duties you have this year. These are some of the extras I’ve heard from some librarians. Let’s add to the list. 

web page
textbook inventory 
student indentification photos
Beta/National Honor Society/Gentleman’s Club
School newsletter
Spelling Bee
Geography Bee
National History Day
Science Fair
athletic events ticket takers
athletic directors
cheerleading coach
drama coach
PTSO rep
curriculum teams
leadership teams

What’s missing?


  1. Bus duty and/or cafeteria duty

  2. Collette, How could I miss those duties?! We also have arrival and dismissal duties.