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The son chooses his books for deployment

Last weekend I spent time at Ft. Bragg with #1 and #3 sons. #1 son has headed overseas to Afghanistan now and we were able to spend some quality time while he organized "his" soldiers and helped them finish last minute details before deploying. Being a proud mama, I have to share a few quick photos:

Son chooses his books to carry with him. Michael Crichton’s Next and Robert Olmstead’s Coal Black Horse.
Son packs his Tennessee state flag sent by state senator Mae Beavers. He has had bragging rights in his barracks with the flag hanging and is taking it to his "tent" away from home. He taught others how to contact their state senators to ask for flags.
#3 and #1 sons tolerate their weepy but proud mama. I will smile and be supportive to my son and all our sons & daughters serving. Those of you who are facebook friends of mine have seen more photos.

Now #1 son will be in the same country with #2 son. #3 and #4 are still home with me in Tennessee. Tonight one of their friends announced he was joining, too.  There are many reasons why Tennessee is called the Volunteer State. 

While we were on Ft. Bragg, I did visit with two of the base librarians for a few moments. They let me know the soldiers should ask their chaplains for "book kits" and the librarians will send them books. I made sure all of #1 son’s friends knew this right away. One of them told me that he had been planning to ask for care packages of books as soon as he wrote. You just don’t know what’s out there until you start investigating. I was so pleased to see #1 son packing books for the plane ride. We know he’ll share those with others and I’ll keep shipping more over.

I’ll be posting soon about opportunities for you to be involved in sending soldiers books and care packages. They love to get notes.


  1. teacherninja says:

    I’ll send books as soon as you say the word.