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Capstone Interactive and Pebble Plus

Too cool. Nate Swenson journeyed to Nashville to train the MNPS librarians on ways to incorporate Capstone’s Interactive Library (CIL) into standards instruction. We did not focus on simply learning how to click and play — manipulating these interactive books is very intuitive.  Instead, we had a product overview, explored and learned ways to share our picks, […]

Student Government Project at my school – support the soldiers

One morning when I forgot how to say N-O, I agreed to help with the Student Government Association at my school. Actually, I was honored to help Ms T because we need these students to grow up active and involved politically and civic-ally. One of our first projects is collecting items that will be shipped […]

Clara Hasbrouck award for Tennessee

Many states give their "highest awards" to librarians. The Tennessee Association of School Librarians surprised Allison Roberts with the Clara Hasbrouck award on Friday evening. The picture on the right shows Clara Hasbrouck and Allison Roberts. Clara also presented Allison with Michael Gorman’s book of meditations. This special award is given to an outstanding individual who has […]

Blame it on Alyxandra Harvey

I just cannot get everything done and I need to blame someone. Today it’s Alyxandra Harvey and her new book Hearts At Stake (The Drake Chronicles). Even though it’s not going to be published until January 2010, I loved this title so much that I couldn’t put it down. Now, I cannot wait for the […]

A good picture in a nonfiction book

I wanted to share some interesting new titles from Capstone where the pictures are vitally important.  (Look, Look Again)

Nashville is a great city – actors/musicians/literature

Where else can you suddenly pop into the Listening Room Cafe and hear/see John Schneider? My friend Krys Spain Midgett is the publisher of Strum Magazine. Instead of curling up with more work afterschool, we slipped into the Listening Room Cafe to hear a performance before John’s larger fan event later in the evening. I do live […]

Afraid of the water? You will be after reading this series by Bearport

Portuguese Man-of-War: Floating Misery by Natalie Lunis. Bearport Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-59716-946-2. Original Price $22.61 School/Library Price $16.96. 2010  The books in this series Afraid of the Water cram 24 pages of fantastic photos with fascinating facts. Intended for grades 3+ with an interest level of 1-6, this is a wonderful series for elementary and middle-schools. It’s […]

ABDO Checkerboard Cool Art book for Middle Schoolers???

Cool Collage: The Art of Creativity for Kids! by Anders Hanson is part of ABDO’s Checkerboard How-To Library Cool Art, copyright 2009. At first glance I dismissed this title as strictly elementary – albeit an excellent resource for elementary.  Then something unusual happened. While my art teacher, Keene Slaton, was waiting for me, I asked him to […]

Doug Achterman’s Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots dissertation

"Any school or district that decides not to invest in school library programs must account for that decision in terms of the public charge of equitable access to a quality education for all public school students." Wow! Talk about a powerful statement. Where did I read this? It wasn’t the banner headline, but was in […]

Help Libraries in Taiwan damaged by typhoon

I am sharing this information distributed by the Chinese American Librarians Association. I lived in Taiwan before and experienced a minor typhoon, so I was concerned when I learned of the recent devastation. Perhaps you may not have heard about CALA’s efforts to help the libraries of Taiwan. Take a look at these photos from’s The Big […]