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Special Moments

Had to take a moment to share with you a unique phenomenon here at my school. After finally completing orientation for my 936 students, we are watching the new 6th graders to our school flock to the library to read magazines. In that part of the library, we have 3, and only 3, comfortable chairs to sit in while reading. What we are finding is that we will have as many as 20 students sitting on the floors, perched in the windowsills, and leaning against the walls reading magazines just to be in that section.

Isn’t that great?! Given free choice in classrooms, they are choosing to come to the library to read. They aren’t even talking in that section, just enjoying hanging out together while they read. Life is paradise.


  1. Sabrina McClure says:

    My kids love magazines, and so do I! A few years ago, I began to allow students to check out mags for a day. It’s been wonderful.