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What does a Library Club do?

My principal has agreed to let me lead a Library Club this year. All I had to say was "library club" and students were demanding to know how they could sign up. My question is …. What should a library club do?

I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. Decide on books to recommend to order and to circulate, clean up the library on occasion, book club/reading group, invite guests or guest authors, make displays for library, work at the Scholastic Book Fair–advertise, market, work the fair, do PSA or podcast about your library for the news. Make posters announcing library activities.

  2. Maybe they can help out with book displays? Older kids reading to little ones?

  3. They can make book trailers which explain and recommend books to other readers. Also, they can have writing sessions, where they either work as a group or individuals on a book which could be added to the library – stories from their community, poetry, art, the possibilities are endless.

  4. I started a “Library Club” for interested 4th and 5th graders last year hoping for 8-10 students and ended up with nearly 30! In addition to shelving “E” and fiction titles, they did book displays, decorated the library, helped organize and promote our “Pennies for Peace” drive, and served as the presenters at our own school’s version of “Children’s Choice Awards”. They kids had lots of fun and developed some wonderful skills! This year we will also take field trips to the local high school and college libraries. We meet once a month for a working lunch IN the library.

  5. Sheila Crawford says:

    I had great luck asking the student members what they would like to do. One thing was shared reading! Later, we explored sites on the computer not done in class, fun sites. I always had food, but different, veggies and dip, cherry tomatoes, and pineapple were some of the student favorites.
    Oh, my students did not have computers at home so I was more able to grant their requests. They did an amazing amount of reading.

  6. Vicky Alvear Shecter says:

    Bringing a local author in for a chat on writing/favorite books is also a great idea.

  7. I definitely think they should be involved in collection development by helping to choose books or even surveying their fellow students on which books the school as a whole would like (show them how to use google docs to make a survey maybe and then the students can respond–or they could have a table during lunch or something.) Maybe they could also be involved in writing a student-centered library newsletter every month that goes out to the students. I also love the idea a poster above me had regarding letting the students make book trailers–they could use flip cameras and then use MovieMaker to do this. The trailers could be shown on the morning news show at your school. They could even make up songs and dances to advertise certain books or the library in general and perform these on the school morning news show.
    I am about to go back to school to become a librarian and you are getting me excited with your cool library club idea! :)