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Nashville is a great city – actors/musicians/literature

Where else can you suddenly pop into the Listening Room Cafe and hear/see John Schneider? My friend Krys Spain Midgett is the publisher of Strum Magazine. Instead of curling up with more work afterschool, we slipped into the Listening Room Cafe to hear a performance before John’s larger fan event later in the evening. I do live in Music City, USA, so it’s time to enjoy my surroundings. 

When I text messaged my friends, they showed their ages. Some knew Dukes of Hazard, some knew Smallville, some knew Nip/Tuck, and some his music: "I’ve Been Around Enough to Know", "Country Girls", "What’s a Memory Like You (Doing in a Love Like This)" and "You’re the Last Thing I Needed Night of the Twisters Tonight".  

One of my favorite movie roles that John Schneider starred in (and that you might not remember) was in Night of the Twisters. I love that book by Ivy Ruckman and the movie. I’m a disaster loving reader, not experiencer. 

Wonder who I’ll meet tomorrow at the TASL conference. Stay tuned.