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Nashville is a great city – actors/musicians/literature

Where else can you suddenly pop into the Listening Room Cafe and hear/see John Schneider? My friend Krys  Nashville is a great city   actors/musicians/literatureSpain Midgett is the publisher of Strum Magazine. Instead of curling up with more work afterschool, we slipped into the Listening Room Cafe to hear a performance before John’s larger fan event later in the evening. I do live in Music City, USA, so it’s time to enjoy my surroundings. 

When I text messaged my friends, they showed their ages. Some knew Dukes of Hazard, some knew Smallville, some knew Nip/Tuck, and some his music: "I’ve Been Around Enough to Know", "Country Girls", "What’s a Memory Like You (Doing in a Love Like This)" and "You’re the Last Thing I Needed 9780064401760 Nashville is a great city   actors/musicians/literature Tonight".  

One of my favorite movie roles that John Schneider starred in (and that you might not remember) was in Night of the Twisters. I love that book by Ivy Ruckman and the movie. I’m a disaster loving reader, not experiencer. 

Wonder who I’ll meet tomorrow at the TASL conference. Stay tuned.