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Blame it on Alyxandra Harvey

I just cannot get everything done and I need to blame someone. Today it’s Alyxandra Harvey and her new book 6708137 Blame it on Alyxandra HarveyHearts At Stake (The Drake Chronicles). Even though it’s not going to be published until January 2010, I loved this title so much that I couldn’t put it down. Now, I cannot wait for the next book in the Drake Chronicles to be released. In fact, I think my friend Shirley and I need to travel to Alyxandra Harvey’s farmhouse in Canada  to help her research her characters. She must know some pretty amazing men to write such a romantic teen vampire book. 

Alyxandra Harvey sounds like a very interesting author and my kind of person. When she is not writing, she is a belly dancer and jewelry-maker. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance. I love jewelry. I enjoy traveling in Canada. Sounds like a road-trip to me.

My students are bargaining with me to get sneak peeks at this book so I’ll have to just give you a taste now and full banquet blogging later this fall (closer to publication). Let’s give this to the students who have grown past Twilight and don’t want quite so sexually-explicit titles as some vampire authors write. Hearts At Stake sets the action and fast-moving plot in one week of time as Solange prepares to turn 16, tranform into a vampire, possibly die, and also possibly cause a revolution among the entire vampire clans. Told in two voices – that of human friend Lucy and of Solange – this title keeps you on edge and wondering. 

As I reached the end of this novel, I was relieved that Alyxandra Harvey has created a world with many other characters to follow over the next several years. I have my ideas for plot and character and I found myself truly caring about the characters involved. Quite a debut accomplishment and I can’t wait until you read it, too, so we can chat.