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Clara Hasbrouck award for Tennessee

Many states give their "highest awards" to librarians. The Tennessee Association of School Librarians surprised Allison Roberts with the Clara Hasbrouck award on Friday evening. The picture on the right shows Clara Hasbrouck and Allison Roberts. Clara also presented Allison with Michael Gorman’s book of meditations.
This special award is given to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated dedication and commitment to furthering the cause of school libraries in Tennessee by contributing time, leadership and effort to numerous TASL activities over a period of years

It’s difficult to keep this award a secret (especially when I know), but I think we were able to trick Allison into thinking someone else was getting the award. Check out her face. Does she look surprised? She is so humble and so deserving of recognition. Here are just a few of the recognition points shared about Allison:

Allison served on the prestigious SLMPY committee for AASL to choose the best school library media program of the year.

She has served on Affiliate Assembly for AASL and is the Director of Region IV for AASL. Even when she wasn’t officially serving, she attended nearly every conference and helped represent Tennessee.

Allison has advocated for school libraries at both the Tennessee Library legislative days and the National Library Legislative Days.

Allison has represented TASL and TN at the School Library Journal Summit.

Allison was the Hamilton County teacher of the year for 2007.

Allison planned professional development activities for many summers, usually escorting visitors and coordinating all arrangements across the state.

Allison helped plan and lead the TASL Libraries and Literacy Forum in 2006.

Aren't the Hamilton County Librarians proud of Allison?Allison not only does fundraisers for her school, but she donates her own time to wrap presents at the holidays to earn funds for her students.

Allison tirelessly helps other librarians in Chattanooga and across the state. She has helped librarians automate, catalog, weed, order, organize collections, and plan curriculum. She is a tireless dynamo and an example to us all. 

When Allison was running for Director of Region IV for AASL, this is her simple statement of accomplishments:

"I have been an active member in AASL since Fall of 2003 when I attended my first AASL conference. At the local level I initiated the HELLO monthly meetings for librarians (Hamilton Educational Librarians’ Local Organization). I plan, schedule, and facilitate each meeting. These meetings provide the opportunity for librarians to share ideas, see what is new in children’s literature, meet authors, etc. I am also the elementary contact person on the Hamilton County Librarians’ Steering Committee. I help coordinate, organize, plan, and facilitate all library in-service programs. I am the liaison between the librarians and Central Office. At the state level I have been planning professional development opportunities for Tennessee librarians since 2005. I coordinate two workshops each year. Each workshop is offered at least three times in order for librarians across the state to have the opportunity to attend without having to travel very far."

The 2008 award went to Scot Smith who has voluntarily maintained the entire TASL website for many years in addition to teaching at the University of Tennessee and running his school library. Scot is Librarian Media Specialist Robertsville Middle School in Oak Ridge, TN; Lecturer–College of Communication and Information
University of Tennessee–Knoxville; Webmaster–Tennessee Association of School Librarians; Webmaster–Oak Ridge Schools.

I am trying to recall of the recipients’ names so far. I can name Patty Williams, Brenda Moriarty, Carol Burr, and …  Any help here?