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Capstone Interactive and Pebble Plus

Too cool. Nate Swenson journeyed to Nashville to train the MNPS librarians on ways to incorporate Capstone’s Interactive Library (CIL) into standards instruction. We did not focus on simply learning how to click and play — manipulating these interactive books is very intuitive. 

Instead, we had a product overview, explored and learned ways to share our picks, then worked on using CIL in the classroom through model lessons. Readers, you know I love Reader’s Theatre. Nate brought his special glasses just so we could read the Night of the Homework Zombies. MNPS librarian Bonnie was fantastic as the evil genius, but I think Nate’s prop glasses added just the right touch. 

You can go to the website to download a 35 page white paper and review of the research.  There is information for staff and parents available in flyers ready to be copied. Since the interactive books "can be used for homework research, fun individual reading, or for reading with parents at home", we need to get the word out. My ELL students and resource students are particularly enjoying these titles. 

Capstone provides a great deal of training information and suggestions for implementation. Of course, I recommend you have Nate Swenson come out for training because he speaks as a former teacher, librarian, and principal.  He can reach teachers and librarians so they will effectively integrate and use the interactive books. 

 There are currently 206 titles available and the interactive database keeps growing. I can’t wait until Katie Woo shows up. I wonder if all of you go sign up for Capstone’s Interactive Library today, will they hurry up production of Katie Woo? I can’t wait to hear her voice.

Another database that made me wish I was back in an elementary library is Pebble Go. For less than $400 for a site license, students can access this growing database of materials written for the youngest students – K-3. Designed for emergent readers and icon driven, this audio-supported product enables students to access over 220 animals in 3-clicks or less. 

What really impressed me? Two things – the embedded videos in each article and the button to print a citation. I have taught students citing sources so often at the upper grades. I’d love for the students to be aware of sources at a much younger age. Plus having this resource available 24/7 will enable parents to work with students at home. Parents who hesitate about allowing internet access and signing Internet-Use-Agreements can see how these web sources are vital for our student’s learning.

Did you know that PebbleGo has won the Learning Magazine 2010 Teachers’ Choice Award!?! Someone must have gone exploring to discover the educator resources. I hope you’ll take a moment to go to the website and register for a free-trial. Enjoy.


  1. Carl Harvey says:

    PebbleGo was one of our favorite new resources last year. We got it right at the end of the year and it was a perfect fit for projects we do with Kdg., 1st, and 2nd grades. It was an instant hit!

  2. Maryellen Gregoire says:

    Hi Diane!
    I know a lot has happened since you wrote this, but I wanted to tell you how fun it is that you were at Nate’s presentation! Doesn’t he do a great job!? It’s been fun to see our professional development division take root! Watch us as we grow! Hope to see you at AASL…if you’re not too busy!

  3. mesothelioma research says:

    I read it, but think that doesn’t work that way…