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What does a Library Club do?

My principal has agreed to let me lead a Library Club this year. All I had to say was "library club" and students were demanding to know how they could sign up. My question is …. What should a library club do? I would love to hear your ideas.

How do you respond to challenges? Check out this letter from James LaRue

Toni Koontz shared this link on LM_NET today and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. On his blog James LaRue has shared a letter to a public library patron concerning a book challenge to Uncle Bobby’s Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen. I think this may go on my list of required readings for librarians. […]

Ignoring Internet Addiction

Despite today’s article in the Tennessean on Internet Addiction, I had already designated today to spend time reading my 695 emails, 46 RSS feeds, blog comments, facebook updates, and ALA Connect updates. I had allowed myself the luxury to read and research everything that caught my attention today without worrying that I should be doing […]

Special Moments

Had to take a moment to share with you a unique phenomenon here at my school. After finally completing orientation for my 936 students, we are watching the new 6th graders to our school flock to the library to read magazines. In that part of the library, we have 3, and only 3, comfortable chairs […]