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Explode your mistaken belief about your visibility & your importance

The mistaken belief about your visibility and your importance.

Are you visible enough? Are you there 24/7 through your website and virtual access? Do you have twitter for colleagues? Virtual space for students? Text messaging and Instant messaging? Facebook for colleagues to find you? Transparent schedules? 

I’m using google calendar to schedule the many aspects of my life. When teachers come to me or email me, they’ve already viewed the calendar to think about when we have availability. They have more control and are not waiting as supplicants for me to find a time for them and graciously grant them admittance. 

Students know they can view my calendar, also. They have been known to go to the teacher to suggest library trips and told the teachers when I had availabilities. That’s getting students in more control of their learning. They need it. They seek it. They are finding a way.