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I like your blog but how do I subscribe?

I get asked how to subscribe to this blog using RSS feeds because it’s not easy. I blogged nearly every day this summer, so you could pop in daily. Since school started "something" has snapped up my spare seconds. Guess I’ll have to stop thinking so much and start pressing save on those blog posts. Of course, I’d rather you pop in every day to say "HI", but I understand you’re busy and want to get new posts pushed out to you. 

Copy this URL to your RSS Reader 

My Yahoo! or My AOL users:
 Click on the "Add to My Yahoo!" or "Add to My AOL" button from the RSS feeds directions page and follow their directions.

One fun thing about blogging for SLJ is that I still have the freedom to criticize them. I don’t like the fact that you cannot subscribe to the comments sections of the RSS feeds. I get so frustrated when I write something that I expect someone to disagree with me or to cheer with me over, and no one comments. A blog functions best when we get two way conversations going. If you have experienced any problems with the RSS feeds or with the comment features, leave a comment here so someone corporate-wide sees it. Every once in a while, I like to explore my rebellious side.


  1. teacherninja says:

    That’s funny. They must have been messing with it because all of my SLJ feeds went missing this month and my reader just got stuffed with a month full of posts. Weird.

  2. Same thing happened to me!