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b There at AASL

Are you beginning to get excited about the AASL Conference Rev Up Learning November 4-8? Can you feel those librarian engines roaring as they line up? Are you watching the volunteer pit crews scramble to be sure every vehicle is in top shape and every contingency is covered in the pits? The spectators are more excited than the drivers (speakers) and you can feel the air vibrate with excitement. Exhibitors will be on hand to entice you with their treats and you’ll have to make a few purchases while celebrating with several thousand of your closest friends.

This year you can be there! Be at the scene of the action in Charlotte, North Carolina for the AASL Conference Rev Up Learning. If expenses and commitments have left you stranded at home, you can still be a spectator and participant – just virtually. AASL has released information on the b There – Virtual Track Pass with the three levels of participation. You can determine how actively you are involved.

Look for lots of information from those of us who will not only be there, but will use tools like blogs, twitter, flickr, youtube, teachertube, coverLive, and more to share the experience and give you the opportunity to interact. Look for the hashtag #aasl2009 everywhere. Use it in your blog posts about the conference and be part of the thrill. One of the best parts of events is participating, cheering, booing (I’d never do that), chanting, gathering together with people of similar likes and dislikes. This year you can do that in person and virtually. 

I’m off to scan the program and plan my tactics for gathering the most information possible so I can return home a winner. I really hope to see you there.  Remember #aasl2009