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Mentoring – what do you want?

Advantage of being on a board is learning about new stuff and how it’s intended to work. Try as I might, new areas appear and I’m just as surprised as you are about them. Let’s take the new section on ALA Connect called MENTOR CONNECT. How did I miss that? It’s been up since September. Have you signed up yet?

You can be a mentor or a mentee, perhaps even both. You can fill out your profile, indicate how many mentors/mentees at a time you can juggle (or some fancy term that I’ve forgotten) and then you can either seek or wait for a match.

I hope this is a very successful program. In many ways I consider my participation on LM_NET as a form of professional mentoring/menteeing. It’s definitely a two-way street for everyone involved. This leads me to my next question. What do mentees really want from a mentor?

Do you want information, guidance, a listening ear, a kick in the pants, a reality check? Just let me know how we can best help. I’m still learning every day. Hope you will go check it out and fill out your own app.