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Calling all James Patterson Fans

Okay, that must mean I’m calling all of you because you must be a fan of an author who has done so much for our students and our profession. I’m always looking for something free for my students and you need to read to the bottom of this "buzz release" for the AASL conference to see what you can get. See you in Charlotte and I’d better be one of the first 1,000!

Witch & WizardInternational bestselling author JAMES PATTERSON opens the AASL 2009 conference Friday, November 6, at 8:00 AM. Mr. Patterson has thrilled, chilled and romanced readers of all ages for over two decades. His MAXIMUM RIDE and DANIEL X books are teen favorites around the country and have been nominated for state awards from coast to coast. Mr. Patterson is a champion of reading and his new readers’ advisory website, is a great resource for librarians, parents, and teachers alike in helping kids find the perfect book. As a special gift, the first one thousand attendees at Mr. Patterson’s address will receive an advance readers copy of his next great action adventure for teens, WITCH & WIZARD. Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to hear one of America’s favorite authors. 


  1. NANCY WERLIN says:

    Nope. I am emphatically not a fan, Diane. The man doesn’t write his own books! For me, that’s enough said. Sorry.

  2. What? Doesn’t write his own books? I haven’t heard that. All I knew was reading Max’s series with The Angel Experiment, etc. and seeing how much the students enjoyed his books. I know the illustrious Judy Freeman does most of the writing and reviewing for ReadKiddoRead but James is providing the funding and the passion behind the site. Are you going to AASL? Let’s chat. Also, my students have asked me to find out all the Nancy Werlin books because now they are hooked on you. What’s new?

  3. I read the first 10 or 12 chapters on Kindle last week and was sucked in quickly. It looks like a promising new book! I know my students will be all over it.

  4. Nancy Werlin says:

    Hi, Diane. Reliable documentation on James Patterson’s not writing his own books is easily found all over the web, but you can start here:

    Scroll down to the section on “The Author” and “The CoAuthors”. Basically, as he says himself, he is a “brand,” not a writer. He doesn’t care about writing his books himself; he can happily farm that out.

  5. Nancy Werlin says:

    Oh, PS – no, not at AASL!

  6. Nancy, if you aren’t at AASL, how will I stay updated with what is new? My students keep discovering Impossible and asking what else you are writing. Keep us informed.

  7. NANCY WERLIN says:

    Thanks, Diane! Alas, I am not a fast writer. Tell them that I will probably have a new novel out next September, though. Details will show up on my website when I can reveal them…