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Please invent booktalkapedia

I need someone to invent/create/organize this – BookTalkApedia. I would have said bookapedia but I think it may already be taken. I need a database of books that we librarians and educators create that includes ideas for booktalks, links to lessons, link to enrichment activities, author links and more. 

Just as we go to wikipedia for popular culture, I need a wiki that we can all contribute to that can easily be turned into printable pages. On this wiki I need the one-minute booktalk, the 5 minute booktalk, the booktalk targeting girls, the booktalk targeting guys, and the booktalk targeting teachers & parents. 

ReadKiddoRead contains review information and my favorite feature "If you love this book, then try:  " but that is a site owned by James Patterson and written by Judy Freeman and friends. We need something down and dirty that librarians can contribute to which is indexed, tagged, and searchable. GoodReads and LibraryThing have different purposes. I mainly want booktalks. Don’t you want a quick source to help when you are trying to remember how to booktalk a book 6 years after you initially read it? Maybe I’m the only one whose memory fails?

Is this already out there? Has someone created a place for many people to contribute booktalks? Tell us your favorite individual booktalk sites and let’s compare.


  1. Elizabeth, PCS Librarian says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Someone, get busy quick!

  2. V Burleigh says:

    A small glimmer of what we need:

    Shambles website, look up booktalks