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b There at AASL

Are you beginning to get excited about the AASL Conference Rev Up Learning November 4-8? Can you feel those librarian engines roaring as they line up? Are you watching the volunteer pit crews scramble to be sure every vehicle is in top shape and every contingency is covered in the pits? The spectators are more […]

How can you raise money in your book fair?

Offer annoying toys, trinkets, pens, and pencils like Scholastic’s Drumstick pencils. Today my sweet little music teacher came to tell me that she did love me, but next book fair when I unpack, I needed to simply call down to tell her how many drumstick pencils they’d sent. Then she would buy them all and […]

I like your blog but how do I subscribe?

I get asked how to subscribe to this blog using RSS feeds because it’s not easy. I blogged nearly every day this summer, so you could pop in daily. Since school started "something" has snapped up my spare seconds. Guess I’ll have to stop thinking so much and start pressing save on those blog posts. Of course, […]

Library Club Update

How do you cope when you are too successful at conveying enthusiasm? I received a copy of Croft Middle School librarian Julie Gangone’s Library Crew application. After pondering, I modified her form to fit on one page (which you can see in pdf format here) and added a few of my own touches. I have […]

Explode your mistaken belief about your visibility & your importance

The mistaken belief about your visibility and your importance. Are you visible enough? Are you there 24/7 through your website and virtual access? Do you have twitter for colleagues? Virtual space for students? Text messaging and Instant messaging? Facebook for colleagues to find you? Transparent schedules?  I’m using google calendar to schedule the many aspects […]

Explode excuses for interruptions

The concept of self-sufficiency as an excuse to avoid interruptions to help. Seriously examine your layout, your positioning, and your attitudes. Under what scenarios can your students and teachers ask you to ASSIST or GUIDE them? They often don’t like to be seen as asking for help, even though they may come to you and […]

Explode procedures that become roadblocks

The use of procedures as excuses instead of ways to help. Policies and procedures prevent participation. If you were to consider the student’s experience in the library as a journey along the information highway, are you building fast lanes & bypasses or roadblocks? What could be a roadblock? ·        Filters ·        Schedules ·        Pass systems […]

Explode hierarchies

The concept of respecting hierarchies of bureaucracy. My students don’t respect bureaucratic delays to their receiving new books, computers, access, technologies, and programs.   No excuses. They make things happen without doing it by the book.

Explode the idea that series reading only occurs in fictional titles

 The idea that series reading only occurs in fictional titles. We promote fiction series and have launch parties for the latest titles. How many of you have planned events for the New Moon movie in November? Those of you who might have peaked at my blog know I am passionate about providing access to series […]

Explode The idea that reading to learn is not fun

The idea that reading to learn is not fun. Here’s another area where my students helped me prepare to talk with you. They want you to sit up and realize that reading for learning is fun. They want to learn something. They want to be surprised by “real-life” as well as fantasy. One of the male […]