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Giving ABDO fiction

I received a few fiction titles from ABDO  for consideration and am packing them in the box for River Valley to enjoy. These are appropriate for elementary ages and have reinforced library bindings to last longer than paperback versions.  Pirate School series of 6 titles by Brian James  Attack on the High Seas: #3 ©2010 […]

Giving ABDO early nonfiction titles

Nurses at Work by Kenney and Dumm Cinco de Mayo by Owens and Conger In the Llama Yard by Stockland and Ouren October by Kesselring and Rooney It’s a Baby Spiny Anteater! by Hengel Screwdrivers by Hanson Cool Sets & Props by Kenney Patricia Nixon by Wheeler  Sleek Siamese by Hanson  Nurses at Work by […]

Giving Enslow’s Math books

Enslow Publishing company has a math series that I like for elementary called Math Fun with Sebastian Pig and Friends! Written by Jill Anderson and illustrated by Amy Huntington, these titles incorporate math and literature with pictures to visually represent the math. I appreciate the use of a notebook or journal to record his learning. I […]

Giving 7 Great Picture Books

I do like to mix up my gift boxes with fiction and information titles. Each of these titles deserves a complete blog post so please read all the way through and don’t make me have to post each individually. The Vowel Family: A Tale of Lost Letters Corkscrew Counts About Rodents: A Guide for Children […]

Giving WR First Concepts rhyming Learn with Animals set

Had to mention these rhyme in the title because I have many teacher colleagues in preschool-grade 1 who love to read-aloud rhyming books and books in verse. The Learn With Animals set from Weekly Reader / Gareth Stevens is surprising. In 32 pages they introduce us to ten animals of each habitat.  Each two-page spread has […]

Giving Weekly Reader series for Grades K & 1

Today’s box to give River Valley Elementary contains Weekly Reader / Gareth Stevens Publishing titles intended for kindergartners and first graders.   Months of the Year is a WR Social Studies set. ©2010 Containing between 142-186 words each title is written at Fountas & Pinell Levels H and I. I’m loving the reinforced library binding on these books […]

Giving Amazing Machines

Julie Dos Santos is the author of the series Amazing Machines from publisher Marshall Cavendish Benchmark. © 2010. Discounted price $19.95 each. Cranes ISBN 978-0-7614-4401-5 Diggers ISBN 978-0-7614-4402-2 Fire Engines ISBN 978-0-7614-4403-9 Aircraft ISBN 978-0-7614-4404-6 Tractors ISBN 978-0-7614-4406-0 Trucks ISBN 978-0-7614-4407-7 Trucks We’ve all had students who loved one form of transportation and wanted to read […]

Giving books – Marshall Cavendish Benchmarks’ The Gross and Goofy Body series

Today we pause to give thanks for all we have. It’s also the starting line for people to GIVE. I’m packing some books for the River Valley Elementary School library in Washta, Iowa (my hometown) and I wanted to be sure to include you in the packing. As you are placing orders for elementary libraries, […]

Give Thanks for NONFICTION MONDAY in Practically Paradise

Give Thanks for great friends and colleagues as we share our favorite nonfiction titles with  Nonfiction Monday here in practically paradise. Nonfiction Monday is a celebration of nonfiction children’s books. Kidlitosphere Bloggers with nonfiction posts will be featured here today as we host. Keep checking back & clicking Read More throughout the day as the links […]

National Educational Technology Plan

Julie A. Walker, Executive Director of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has asked us to forward the information below widely. I hope you will participate on behalf of all school librarians and our students.  Late in October, I sat in on a webinar regarding the National Educational Technology Plan. If you have not […]