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Sometimes you do something right

We work hard. Few people on our staff understand us or what we do. But sometimes, we do something right and receive rewards far beyond what we expect. During AASL’s national conference in Charlotte, I searched programs and exhibitors for materials in the 26 languages of my students. At the Culture for Kids / Asia for Kids booth, the representative was extremely helpful. At the very end I was able to take the last of my money (saving $1.50 for the bus to the airport) and I bought her the last copy of an Arabic-English Children’s Picture Dictionary. A simple title with picture, English word, Arabic, and the phonetics so I could pronounce the Arabic. You can see by the cover below that it is a standard format available in many languages like Bomali. I presented this to my ELL teacher Dr. Scott, you would have thought I’d given him a million dollars by his response. So I went back, handed him my catalogs from this company, showed him the website that lists far more than the printed catalog, and asked him to have his students make a list of titles we needed. 

Not an hour later a young lady burst through the library doors and hugged me. She was so excited to see this book and has been taking it home each night to teach her parents English. As the ELL teacher said, "If you do nothing else this year, you have made one little girl extremely happy." 

Ah, that’s why we work so many extra hours and at duties far beyond those listed in our job description… warm fuzzies.


  1. teacherninja says:

    So awesome!