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Giving Enslow’s Math books

Enslow Publishing company has a math series that I like for elementary called Math Fun with Sebastian Pig and Friends! Written by Jill Anderson and illustrated by Amy Huntington, these titles incorporate math and literature with pictures to visually represent the math. I appreciate the use of a notebook or journal to record his learning. I think a classroom math teacher could easily expand upon this. This is an example of a series that incorporates math in a fun manner for elementary-age students. I wanted to use the title with middle school resource students, but they deemed it too young for them.

Finding Shapes with Sebastian Pig and Friends at The Museum ISBN 978-0-7660-3363-4 © 2009 grades 1-3.
Finding Shapes presents a great way to incorporate math and art in one title.  The focus is on geometry as Sebastian and his friends visit a local museum seeking ideas to decorate his room. Each pages invites the reader to interact to locate the geometric shapes. I like the "Now You Know" section at the back with the list of Plane Shapes and the list of Solid Shapes. It has a chart with the shape, a written description, a column for the sides and a column for the corners.

The Web Sites listed in the back take you to general game sites. I was frustrated with one of the sites because I answered 35 questions and it was still throwing me new questions. I need an indicator of my progression to stay with a game. I see that amongst elementary students, too. That’s why games have many short rounds and lots of feedback. Even with grown-up games like Mafia Wars on Facebook, there is a great deal of recognition for achievement along the way.

Other titles in the set:
Adding with Sebastian Pig and Friends at the Circus
Counting with Sebastian Pig and Friends On the Farm
Measuring with Sebastian Pig and Friends On a Road Trip
Money Math with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Farmer’s Market
Subtracting with Sebastian Pig and Friends On a Camping Trip