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The Ugliest Cover we’ve seen this year

Having students help review books means they feel greater responsibility for the titles and for the impact their words have on the books. Recently my students responded to a series of books negatively. Then they reminded me that they read my blog so if I didn’t share their responses, they’d know.  To what did they comment? […]

Sometimes you do something right

We work hard. Few people on our staff understand us or what we do. But sometimes, we do something right and receive rewards far beyond what we expect. During AASL’s national conference in Charlotte, I searched programs and exhibitors for materials in the 26 languages of my students. At the Culture for Kids / Asia for […]

Girls’ Lunch group of the Library Club

How do these things keep happening? We had too many students who wanted to be part of the library club during advisory period so we divided into several groups including boys’ lunch on Thursdays, girls’ lunch on Tuesdays, and the regular advisory period. That 154 student group kept growing somehow and seems to be over 180 […]

I challenge you! (and I need your help)

I would like to challenge you to donate $10, $6.50, $5, or even $1 to the Spectrum Scholarship program.  You talk about helping bring others to our profession. What are you doing? Are you personally sending anyone to graduate school for Library & Information Science? You could be. You could also be strengthening our profession […]

b There virtually – YES You CAN!

I hope to see all of you at the AASL National Conference in Charlotte, NC. (Tell me that you read this blog please because I get insecure and think I’m talking to myself). If you cannot make it for whatever reason, there is still a way to participate …. VIRTUALLY through the b There program. […]

250 word contest for YA writer-wannabe’s

I don’t blog about many contests, but this one did appeal to me while I was wishing I had the freedom to just stay home and write. (Don’t you have fantasies like that periodically?) National Novel Writing Month began today. It’s usually written NaNoWriMo, but I keep forgetting for what that stands. During’s National Novel Writing […]