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Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday is a celebration of nonfiction children’s books. Kidlitosphere Bloggers with nonfiction posts will be featured here today as we host. Keep checking back & clicking Read More throughout the day as the links grow. As you make your lists for the New Year, be sure to include these nonfiction books and the blogs.  "This […]

Gifts and Blessings Thank You

Thank you, readers, for being participants in our little version of paradise this year. While many around the world are unwrapping gifts, my family is focusing on being thankful for non-traditional gifts this year. Thank you to my two oldest sons for serving with the US Army in Afghanistan. We’ve discussed your role in protecting the United […]

Do librarians ever really take vacations?

I think I change my physical location, but I don’t stop being a librarian ever. I’m still reading, seeking new ideas, connecting with my professional colleagues, writing, preparing new projects and lessons. In this age of interconnectivity I am responding to requests for books and information daily. My phone rings. The IM pops up. My […]

Giving Capstone early chapter books

Among the books I’m sorting for River Valley Elementary are these titles from Capstone Publishing.  Norton Saves the Day (Pony Tales) by Bernadette Kelly. Illustrated by Liz Alger. Picture Window Books. ©2010 ISBN 9781404855052 $14.99  Second graders will enjoy this Pony Tales series. Those of you who have visited my library know I inherited about […]

Balancing access to the library – how do you do it?

Have you ever dealt with everyone wanting access to the library resources at the same time? How do you handle it? Sometimes teachers don’t want to share a large room that will hold 3 classes. Reasons vary it would be distracting to their students  their students will be disruptive to others  they want the library […]

The extra stuff in books and Stone Arch’s My 1st Graphic Novel

Monica Edinger and Wendy Burton posted on similar subjects Sunday regarding flap copy, acknowledgments, back matter, foreword, afterword, and author’s notes. A discussion of this continued on the Child Lit’s listserv.   The impact of these extras to the text struck me while I was reading Secret Scooter written by Christianne C. Jones and illustrated by Mary Sullivan. Secret Scooter […]

Giving Stone Arch Readers

I finally placed a large order for Stone Arch books this week. I say "finally" because I have been intending to get these ordered since last February, but ran out of funds. My order included many Vortex, Shade, and Pathways titles plus additional titles in many of the series where we had only individual titles. The […]

Giving MC Benchmark emerging to fluent reader titles

Marshall Cavendish Benchmark publishes BookWorms – series intended for the beginning readers. There are three levels: emergent, early and fluent. Today I’m packing up 3 series to send River Valley Elementary. We Go! is the set for Emergent readers. Safe Kids is for Early readers. Nature’s Cycles is for Fluent readers. We Go! for emerging […]

A Banquet of Hungry Ghosts

I received my copy. Now I can share. I finished this short story collection by Compestine (Revolution is not a Dinner Party) today and feel incredibly enthusiastic about this title.  Often when I get requests for horror stories, I scramble to find titles that will definitely scare the readers because many writers of children’s ghost […]

Need help with horror

Please send me horror titles you would add to a middle school library. We are using this blog at to teach authentic writing and we asked students to comment on this post: Here are some suggestions of great books to read. Check out our comments for real information on what kids read. Many students asked […]