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Need help with horror

Please send me horror titles you would add to a middle school library. We are using this blog at to teach authentic writing and we asked students to comment on this post:

Here are some suggestions of great books to read. Check out our comments for real information on what kids read.

Many students asked for more horror books and scary books. I have asked them to give me specifics including titles, authors, and series that they think their classmates would like to read, also. 

This is what they have told me they want:

really scary books.
really bloody and nasty books.
books like Saw.
books with ghost tales, or something demonic and bloody.
books that make you shudder and look over your shoulder.

I’ve tried to discuss issues on appropriateness for middle schoolers and parent objections, but they insist that "they" get to watch TV and movies plus buy any scary books they want, so the library should supply the books they are interested in, not just what is safe.

I am really interested in your opinion of this. How would you handle these requests? Which titles would you add? I need LOTS of suggestions. I’ll share some of the additional titles I’ve recently ordered in case you miss any, but I’d like to hear from you first.  


  1. Robin Willis says:

    Anything by Darren Shan, the Bluebloods series by Melissa De La Cruz, the Vladimir Tod books by Heather Brewer, some of Caroline Cooney’s books, The Restless Dead, Gothic: 10 original dark tales, the Weenies books by David Lubar, Ask the Bones, Darkness Creeping: 20 twisted tales.

    I do more book talks on books that are seriously creepy, rather than graphically bloody – things like Unwind or House of the Scorpion, though.

  2. Thanks Robin! Keep the ideas coming. We have ALOT of students waiting for these books.

  3. Manda Miller says:

    GooseBumps (for lower level readers), R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike. Just some ideas from what I really enjoyed at that age and have seen some kids from other counties reading.

  4. I am now reading Rick Yancey’s Monstomologist. Really gory and scary. May be too much for some 6th graders. I will put it in my collection, especially since he’s coming for an author visit in the Spring,and I have some die-hard fans. I will, however, check it out with a warning about the level of blood & scariness. I’m in a medium sized middle school and know most of my readers pretty well, so I know who can handle it.
    Of course, I’m sure you already have the Mary Downing Hahn books on your list.
    I just read another good scary/romance (not as romancey as Twilight) book, You are So Undead to Me by stacy Jay is very good.
    The Dead is the New Black series by Perez is really a hit at my school too.
    Horror is very big with my kids, boys and girls alike. I’m a horror buff too so it works out nicely.