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Do librarians ever really take vacations?

I think I change my physical location, but I don’t stop being a librarian ever. I’m still reading, seeking new ideas, connecting with my professional colleagues, writing, preparing new projects and lessons. In this age of interconnectivity I am responding to requests for books and information daily. My phone rings. The IM pops up. My facebook inbox flashes new mail.

Students email me through the school website with new books they’ve discovered and that we simply MUST purchase the entire series of the very day we return. Teachers share their brilliant ideas. Parents email and send IM’s on facebook asking whether their child would like The Dark Is Rising (one of my favorites and you must seeNina’s post) or The Lightning Thief. 

When I get out of the house for a moment, I visit the local public library or the bookstore just to see what’s new, checkout 30-40 titles, and help those poor people standing in the aisles wondering where to start. Don’t you help others in bookstores? 

I don’t even go to the bookstore with my children anymore because they get tired of me volunteering help for those aunts and uncles that are muttering under their breath. #3 son will insist that’s why they pay workers there. #4 son gives up and leaves the store for Best Buy. #2 son is so busy looking at Manga they have to pry him out at closing time. #1 son knows every person in the store and soon is hosting an event in the coffeehouse. But I, I am the ever-vigilant librarian knowing that somewhere someone is trying to connect with a book and they need my help. 

I’m off to curl up with a few dozen middle grade nonfiction titles and a plate of sugar cookies (thanks, Mom!) What are you doing on your vacation?


  1. I feel compelled to help people in the bookstore as well. It’s important!

  2. Medicine Lodge librarian says:

    I love checking what books customers are browsing in the children’s and young adult areas of bookstores and also sometimes feel compelled to “correct” bookstore displays to better (in MY opinion!) choices! But I also straighten the shelves while I’m browsing and will return stray books to their correct locations! Just habit! 😉

  3. Sarah-GreenBeanTeenQueen says:

    haha-I was just having this same conversation on Twitter. It’s hard for me to bite my tounge in bookstores and I have to remind myself that I don’t have my nametag on, I don’t work there, and these people don’t know I’m a librarian! I do love talking about books though and there are sometimes the poor worker is in the YA area they know nothing about and I just have to help! I’m also always connected to my teens and work and I’m always reading and blogging, so true non-working vacations are very rare. Plus so many of recent vacations have been library related with ALA.