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Gifts and Blessings Thank You

Thank you, readers, for being participants in our little version of paradise this year. While many around the world are unwrapping gifts, my family is focusing on being thankful for non-traditional gifts this year.

Thank you to my two oldest sons for serving with the US Army in Afghanistan. We’ve discussed your role in protecting the United States and the Constitution. I love you and miss you. Knowing you were safe on Christmas Eve was a wonderful gift. 

Thank you to all the soldiers with them and your creativity in doing video shout-outs on YouTube to help us while we miss our loved ones. I appreciate your sacrifices.

Thank you to Facebook for being there. I was able to chat via messaging with one son who had no phone access and could post photos on the other’s page. 

Thank you to the cell phone companies so I’m always connected and don’t miss any calls from family- even those calls at midnight and 4 a.m. You’ve given me the freedom to continue living life and going places instead of sitting at home watching a silent phone. 

Thank you to my two youngest sons for giving me Christmas hugs and wrestling collars onto two of the cats. Now we’ll have new stories to tell for years. 

Thank you to my mom and dad for making the goodies and sending them. Without my baking a thing, we became the biggest hit among teenagers as my sons’ friends kept sneaking treats. 

Thank you to the authors, publishers, and illustrators who have sent me books to review throughout the year. Even when I couldn’t make it to the bookstore and public library this week, the mail carrier made it through with 3 new boxes of books from Enslow, Marshall Cavendish, and Facts on File. Yippee! Anticipation.

Thank you to everyone who writes, reads, and comments on blogs. Our interconnectivity has created such a vital Personal Learning Network that I’d be lost without you. 

Thank you to my friends who understand when my eyes drift to the right and you know I’m thinking about how to include our activity in the blog. You are wonderful sports. 

Thank you to my employers. Imagine, you actually pay me "a little something" to do what I love. 

Thank you to my cats (Milia, Maxie and Mama Kitty) and dog Lucy. I love how you listen without critiquing and still provide unconditional love. I hope this next year I can be as nurturing as you.


  1. Deva Fagan says:

    Merry Christmas! And thank *you* for all that you do to encourage and promote a love of reading!

    Best wishes for a happy and safe New Year for all your family!