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Academic Challenges do we have them?

Our students need academic challenges and celebrations for academic success, also. Today we held the Sixth grade Spelling Bee in the library. The students were unsure what they were attempting to do, but by the end of the Bee, the school was abuzz with talk of spelling and being acknowledged for their academic ability.

So many schools prohibit publishing student names in the hallways, on bulletin boards, in school newsletters so those students who are achieving in academics receive less recognition. Are we doing our students a disservice or does this need to be in the age of pseudo-privacy? 

Our seventh and eighth graders are excited about preparing for their bee on Monday. I’m wondering in what other types of academic contests your students participate? 

When I was growing up in Iowa, my math teachers took us to regional competitions. While I do not consider myself math proficient, I appreciate the time Miss Wych and Miss Kimple took to drive us there – even when it was out-of-state. Thanks for the opportunity!