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How do you shorten URL’s

Even on this blog, I run into technical problems with too-long URL’s. They mess up the formatting, layout, and are just frustrating to type. One of the groups I help with is called Books for Soldiers. They recently sent me information on how they are coping with the down-sizing of charitable donations. They will be sponsored by a group that generates these shortened URL’s. 

If you have any information about the URL-shortening groups listed, would you share here? I am including part of the newsletter information here so you can see how their sponsor works. I had not heard of Jely, Inc. so would like your feedback. Thanks in advance!

From Books for Soldiers (BFS) with their Care Packages for the Mind:

Jely, Inc. of El Cerrito, CA ( is a geolocation search engine that gives you tweetable links. You can use it to find pizza in your area and send the results in a simple text message, in a tweet or even in your Facebook wall.

Here are some examples of how it works…

URLs – Sometimes URLs can get a tad long. Even here on BFS, sometimes the URLs can get too long to email, send in a tweet or use on Facebook. The way we fix this is to shorten the URL into something much shorter that our email, Twitter or Facebook won’t mangle. Simply take a link that you want to email or tweet and paste it into the search field on Jely ( – and you will be given a shortened URL that is manageable. There are other URL shorteners out there like, TinyURL and, but none of those are helping the troops.

I have shortened the URL for BFS – give it a try!

Airports – Jely has a tweetable link for every airport in the US that displays the weather and other related information. Try out

Cities, States & Countries – You can build a custom shortened URL to use on Twitter for any city, state or country in the world. Just type it into the search box and find your location and Tweet it!

Try out…

Stomach – Hungry for pizza in Pittsburgh ( Hankering for sushi in Seattle ( Type in what you are looking for and where you are looking for it. Try it out by typing in pizza and your ZIP code.

Outdoors – If you are a hiker or any kind of outdoor kind of person, you can use Jely to tweet your latitude and longitude. It is great for Geocaching or letting your friends know EXACTLY where you will be camping (

So how does all of this help BFS? Because every time you use Jely, BFS gets a donation. Here is the breakdown…

$1 for every person who registers with Jely and invites their friends during the sign-up process.
$.10 for every person who follows @jelyinc on Twitter.
$.01 for every tweet that uses Jely to shorten their URLs.

Even if you do not use Twitter, go ahead and sign up – every little bit helps. Get your buddies to sign up – the more that do, the better off BFS will be.

Lastly, Jely scans links for viruses, malicious websites and other icky things on the web by using Google’s Safe Browsing API to protect you and your data. To read more about Safe Browsing, click this link –

Want to know more about Books for Soldiers? Here are some web 2.0 URLs for you to bookmark!



Flickr – the photo sharing site.

YouTube – the video sharing site

Second Life



  1. Diane, I use which works great.

  2. I’ve been using for 2 weeks now and love it, you can tell they are still starting up their services but it works great! I also love their airport landingpages!